Our leadership team brings the stability, depth of experience, and strategic insight that makes the difference between good communications advice and great business counsel. 

Peter Mahon | Chief Executive Officer

Pete has been CEO of RoyceComm for 36 years. He is one of the most experienced communications professionals in the country. He continues to love what he does and is committed to go on forever. He attributes RoyceComm’s ongoing success to continually reinventing itself in response to massive changes in the world of high level communications...


Richard Amos | Managing Director

Richard enjoys working collaboratively with clients to deliver seriously good results. He likes to navigate solutions to problems, in challenging contexts or situations. He embraces transformational communication, believes in the power of purpose and ideas, and has a strong social justice and community-minded conscience...


Matthew Mahon | Managing Director Corporate

Matthew is a strong strategic thinker who thrives on a meeting a client challenge. He has enjoyed an expansive career in communications, marketing and strategy development working for a range of corporate, government and not for profit organisations...


Julie Stevens | Operations Manager

Julie is responsible for RoyceComm’s finance, administration and the day-to-day running of a fast moving and challenging business. She is the corporate knowledge of the organisation and the backbone of our incredible leadership team...