Recovering From Pandemic - Why Comms Recovery Needs To Precede Economic and Community Recovery

8th April 2020

Article by RoyceComm

In speaking to our clients and friends, what is causing the most anxiety about the pandemic is the unknown: how will this affect my world, my family, my staff, or my business, and for how long?

‘How long’ is perhaps the most challenging aspect. With most crises there’s a reasonably good idea of the likely duration. We see light at the end of the tunnel. Here, that light is dim at best.

Undoubtedly, our first concern is the impact that this pandemic will have on human lives and the world as we know it. To begin thinking about recovery of your business when we haven’t yet seen the worst of the crisis may seem inappropriate or insensitive right now. However, the sustainability of your business significantly impacts people’s livelihoods now and into the future.

The recovery of the community and the recovery of the economy are inextricable, and we know that even once the health impacts of the pandemic are decreasing, the economic recovery will only just be beginning.

Planning your recovery communications needs to precede that community and economic recovery and can begin today.

Think about what you can be doing now to position yourself to recover quickly when the time comes. Can you improve your strategic communications planning or your brand architecture? Can you build better crisis planning protocols or up skill staff in crisis management or media engagement?

Working towards recovery – while it may be some way off – tells your staff that you’re thinking of the future as well as the present, and when the time comes to implement, you’ll be better positioned for it.