RoyceComm Is Ready

2nd April 2020

Article by RoyceComm

The current pandemic has changed business operations in Australia and New Zealand more radically and more rapidly than any event since the Second World War. 

In response, many of our clients have moved quickly to adapt to new ways of working and doing business. The ‘bedding down’ of remote systems and the new operational paradigm has begun, and with that comes a changed communications planning and execution landscape.

For many businesses, it is time to set aside time to move our attention from the hour-by-hour challenges the pandemic raises and prepare for medium and longer term risks and opportunities.

It’s time for senior executives with communications responsibilities to consider communications recovery planning for pandemic-related and other issues in the coming months; to consider how they can use this time productively to better connect with stakeholders; and to calibrate their media engagement and media training approach to successfully navigate news coverage and interview techniques in the pandemic era.

RoyceComm is ready.