The success of our client work depends on the quality and diversity of skills of our associates. Matching skills and experience to client needs, our teams work collaboratively to achieve the best possible results.

Simon Tolstrup | Strategy Director

+61 408 331 356 


What motivates me is finding solutions to complex problems. Any week solving problems for clients is a good week. I am most passionate about crises and issues projects and find this work fascinating. You find out a lot about organisations by the way they respond to pressure and uncertainty. At RoyceComm, the team runs lean but strong. Everyone here has a distinct set of skills and the confidence to implement them.


Simon Westaway | Strategy Director

+61 401 994 627


One of the great things about working within the professional team at RoyceComm is our consistent focus on the ‘we’ - and not the ‘I’ - when it comes to best supporting our clients and each other. Our focus on the ‘we’ means we always, through collaboration, tap into the right people with the right knowledge and contemporary skills across the RoyceComm team. This enables us as a boutique firm to genuinely give our clients the very best strategic advice, support and outputs for their best ‘advantage’.

Alexander Baranikow | Strategy Manager

+61 438 838 322


Strategically shaping and expressing our client’s identity through communications to achieve outstanding outcomes is what makes being a part of RoyceComm so exciting. Coming to consulting from the political arena, I’m in my element when providing both advice and action in government relations, crisis management, stakeholder engagement and everything in between. The partnerships we form with our clients allows RoyceComm to build profiles, protect and improve hard-earned reputations, create impactful relationships with stakeholders, and navigate through crises. Our chemistry and highly-tested processes are the key ingredients to delivering first-class results to those we work with.


Denise Serpanchy | Executive Assistant to MD

+61 407 886 996


The most rewarding part of my job is working with the team to help them present exceptional work in an office environment that is organised. The team at RoyceComm are hard workers with a great energy and enthusiasm for their work. I am most passionate about creating an inclusive and positive environment for all of the staff.

Adi Stevens | Strategist

+61 407 411 088


I really enjoy creating interesting and engaging content for clients. Having begun my career as a lawyer, I find working at RoyceComm gives me an opportunity to be creative whilst building on my problem solving skills. I love working with and feeling part of the tight-knit team at RoyceComm. Working with a group of talented people is inspiring and it drives me to produce my best work. It’s the people who make RoyceComm a great place to work.

Bridget Mahon | Strategist

+61 408 324 207


With a background as a Creative Director in FMCG, I am a big believer that the world doesn’t need more products or services - we need more solutions to problems. I thrive on projects that combine creative with strategy. Projects that lend themselves to communicating a client's vision from the establishment of a clear brand narrative to the execution of a holistic creative solution. The RoyceComm team boasts a diverse range of talented individuals which combine to create an environment that promotes learning, embraces individuality and encourages a collaborative team approach to solving problems and creating value for our clients.